Thursday, November 26, 2009

what kinda shit of this boring???(lazy nov comin..haha)

Why must i brake? Why must i feel?
Saying that you loved me, why'd i think it was real?
Tired of wishing, hoping for a new,
The feelings you had for me, i doubt were ever true.
You win this little game, I've truly had enough,
I cant take anymore, I'm really not that tough.

I offered you my world, gave you all that i could,
I wanted the perfect love, knowing i never would.
Deep inside my heart, take the time to hear,
All the pain and the screaming, from trying to hold you dear.

My heart's how you left it, not just broken in two,
It's in a million peices, all because of you.
You win, i loose, i'll no longer offer to care,
I know you dont want it, you wouldn't even dare.

As hurtful as it is, as much as i dont want to know,
I wonder if you'd be happier, if i treated you as a foe.
I used to want happiness, i just wanted to grow,
Now all i can think of, is how i'll let things go...

long live A7X!!!huihui